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B737 Fix base simulator with IO station. Mip switches and overhead switches are the real aircraft switches to give the real feel of the Jet orientation training.

1 in stock subject to sales. Please contact us with email  to get a quotation



- Cockpit Shell: Dimensions are same as real aircraft black metal

- Liners  fiber original color of the B737

- Replica B737 Ipeco type seats ( all functions available)

- MIP fully functional. 

-"MIP switches"  tension's same as the real aircraft. 

-Overhead AFT and FWD real aircraft switches used

-MCP and EFIS  replica of real aircraft. The feel and look is same

-Fully functional Pedestal Bay. 

-Aluminum Dual Yoke with 7° position with real  adjustable force ( control loading can be adapted.)

-Rudders not linked ( can be linked if asked)

- TQ motorized

- FMC  Replica of real aircraft  

- Aluminum Steering force adjustable 

- IO station with 2 monitors and desk

- Build for Prosim V2-V3

- Compatible with Prosim , I fly ,Project magenta

- P3D V4 image generator. ( can be update to P3d V5)

- 210° horizontal 45° vertical Cylindrical screen 3 projectors with real world view. 

- Power Panel with professional products 

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