The OVH737 is a full scale replica of the Boeing 737NG overhead panel, look and functionality are reproduced with high details. The OVH737FWD connect via USB. The hardware is based on printed circuit boards to give a clean and orderly layout; no messy wires or approximately fixed hardware. 
The gauges, based on stepping motor, are directly integrated on the printed circuit boards and driven by the Main circuit processor.
The OVH737 is equipped with high quality level components: high reliability switches with locking lever where required, electromagnetic engine start, yaw damper and wing anti-ice switches. 
All the panels and gauges are backlighted, the backlight brightness is adjustable through the "PANEL BRIGHT" knob. 
All switches and annunciators are functional and interface with the connected software.
Like in the real overhead, the annunciators have "push to test" function to check the functionality. The OVH737 is divided in two sections, the FWD and the AFT overhead. 

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