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B737 ASP Audio Panel

B737 ASP Audio Panel

SKU: 47
5 pole DIN cable

Is important to know that, due to the Flight Simulator limitations, some functions are not available. 
Full scale replica Boeing 737 of CP & FO Audio Selector panel 
Warm white backlighting front panel 
TRASMITTER MIC SELECTOR: VHF-1, VHF-2 (other pushbutton are inop) 
The transmitter mic selector send the related command to FS; the related pushbutton illuminate (Amber) 
RECEIVER SWITCH: VHF-1, VHF-2, NAV-1, NAV-2, ADF-1, ADF-2 and MKR (other pushbutton are inop) 
Press (illuminate) to activate respective radio chime sound, press again to deactivate 
Note: Volume regulation is NOT supported 

NOTE: ASP modules are sold in pairs, single module can not be provided 

R/T-I/C switch, V-B-R selector ALT-NORM switch: Even if the hardware is capable to send commands for this switch, the limitation related to the simulation environment implies that the related functions are not operational.
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