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Full scale replica of Boeing EFIS737 selector.
Custom Engravity backlighting frontplate.
Custom MAP buttons with backlighting text.
2 rotary encoders with push in switch for MINS and BARO adjustment.
Knobs with symbols.
2 lever switches with three positions for VOR/ADF selection.
4 position rotary switch with push in for display mode selection.
8 position rotary switch with push in for ND range and TFC selection.
2 round pushbuttons for FPV and METER selection.
5 pole connection cable and fixing clamp provided.
RADIO/BARO and IN/HPA selection ( push and rotate simultaneously ).
Compatible with FSX Boeing 737-800, Project Magenta, PMDG, LVLD767, FlightDeckSoftware and Sim-Avionics.
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