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B737 MIP Vinly Annunciator  Stickers Kit

B737 MIP Vinly Annunciator Stickers Kit

SKU: 30

B 737 Annunciators Full MIP 

Captain Side : Below G/S P Inhibit - Takeoff Config-Cabin Altititude-Speed Brake Armed -Speed Brake Do not Armed -Stab out of trim 

Center : Auto Brake Disarm -Anti Skid Inop-LE Flaps Transit-LE Flaps Ext- Nose Gear x2- Left Gear x2 -Right Gear x2

First Officer Side :  Cabin Altitude- Takeoff Config-Speed Brake Extended-Below G/S P Inhibit

Lower Panel F.O. : Inop 


You can stick on any plexiglass

The letters are transparent and reflects light in a perfect way

The back ground is black

Can be cleaned with any  detergant 

The adhesive is stong 

Full announciator is available with leds and cables attached  check with store

This product is only stickers !!!


  • Shipment

    Can ship in 2 days 

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