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B737 Cockpit Shell with Liners

B737 Cockpit Shell with Liners

SKU: 3


Real cockpit dimensions.

18 pieces for shell parts

6 pieces front and rear structure

18 pieces of reinforced fiber for liners

Liner colour 9002+737 grey
Metal powder coated paint black , grey or white 
Metal structure for liners 
Metal frame windows
Acrylic windows 6mm (upon request)
Ready for assemble
This is sold with the liners 
Mounting brackets for cockpit instruments( overhead etc.)

  • Production time

    The production will take 2-3 weeks after the order placed

  • Extra % 5 discount for wire transfer payment


    Address TransferWise Europe SA Avenue Louise 54, Room S52 Brussels1050 Belgium


    IBAN: BE13 9671 9578 2439 Euro Account

    We can send USD account details for US customers if asked.

    We can send GBP account details for UK customers if asked.

  • Shipping Warning Australia

    Because of the sizes this product can not send to Australia with our store shipment prices. Please ask to for shipping price before making purchase.  Orders made with the web site shipment prices will be cancelled. 

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