B737 Landing Gear with Panel and Annunciators

B737 Landing Gear with Panel and Annunciators

Boeing 737NG Landing Gear Lever

General Information:
The landing gear panel is located between the engine instruments and F/O's instrument panel.

The Gear Lever mechanism must be connected to a I/O hardware interface to communicate with Flight Simulator.
The CP-Flight MCPDEX1 or CP-Flight 737MIP board is suitable to let it function, also you may use Phidgets or FSBus.

* Full aluminium 737NG landing gear lever.
* Adjustable pressure.
* 3 Switches gear up, down and off position is already mounted.

* D Sub connector with cable is included.

* Fits in Performance and Classic Style panels from Engravity 737Cockpit.
* Front illumnated panel and annunciators included.


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