B737 Dual Yoke Type D

B737 Dual Yoke Type D


This product requires special floor construction.

Ask for base (FLOOR) details to manufacturer.  

Height of the construction between 200 to 250mmde


Highly engineered metal parts
1/1 replica Boeing 737NG aluminum control wheels Capt. and F.O.
1/1 replica Boeing 737NG clipboards with 3 steps
Powerful tension loading & gear system…..

Adjustable hydropneumatic control system .
Laser marked lettering on control wheel…..

CNC Machined metal parts…..NO RESIN
Black and RAL 7011 Boeing grey special acrylic coating
Control column neutral elevator position 7° ,  14° forward , 13° backward

NO color fade & NO marks of finger prints
Fixing points to the cockpit base 
1 year warranty

Item may be subject to customs processing
depending on the item's declared value.

As the buyer, you should be aware of possible:
- delays from customs inspection.
- import duties and taxes which buyers must pay.


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  • Production time

    The production will take 3 weeks after the order placed

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