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B737 Flood & Cabin Door Panel

B737 Flood & Cabin Door Panel

SKU: 50
5 pole DIN cable
DUZE Fastners.

Directly connected to the CPflight MCP737 through the 5 pole cable (daisy-chain). The Brightness regulation panel integrate the 5 pole socket to be connected to the MCP737 (or MCP/EFIS group). Three further 5 pole sockets allows to neatly connect the CPflight pedestall modules on three columns.

The panel Bright knob regulate the backlight brightness of all connected pedestall modules.

The STAB-TRIM CAB DOOR panel is connected to the Brightness regulation panel throug a single flat cable (provided). A 2 pole terminal block allows the connection of a contact to light the "CABIN DOOR UNLOCKED" annunciator.

5V DC Power Supply Adapter
5 Pole Extension Cable
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