B737 FMC

B737 FMC

SKU: 35

The FMC module is a replica of the real, with the same shape and size. 
It is fully assembled and requires no welding or wire anything. 

Size : 150x225 mm
The FMC is connected by a computer's USB port and also to VGA or TV out of your computer. 

Compatible with other add-on like Prosim 737, PMDG, Level-D 767, ON-737 and others. 
The keyboard is fully configurable, and can be added any improvements or adapt to any new software. 
The screen is 5" color with800x600 resolution with bright control, position, source... 
The module includes: 1 USB cable, 1 VGA video cable and the power source. 
The module is backlited, and have bright control with the front button like the real unit.
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